The Importance of Shade for Your Outdoor Working Area

If you’re planning to follow in the footsteps of companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and install an outdoor working area for your employees, you’ll have to acquire a few necessities. In addition to electronic essentials such as power outlets and charging stations, you’ll also need tools for navigating the challenges of the outdoors. Since you’ll likely be exposed to sunlight and UV rays, you should invest in shade for your outdoor work area.

Sunlight can be a powerful ally in the quest to increase work productivity. Natural light affects conditions such as employee mood, productivity, and eye health. Natural light also helps employees by reducing sleep disorders and improving sleep for better performance. However, employees’ exposure to sunlight should not be too direct for several reasons.

Too much sunlight may actually increase glare when looking at screens. During hot days, sunlight may actually be more distracting because of the heat it creates in employees’ bodies. Without adequate protection, employees may even experience sunburns and heat-related headaches.

Some outdoor work areas address these problems by adding shades such as pergolas or umbrellas. Working under a shaded area allows employees to experience the benefits of natural light without the drawbacks of prolonged sun exposure. You can even order cantilever Treasure Garden umbrellas from retailers such as Wicker Paradise. These umbrellas use an offset base and canopy that gives you more freedom to add furniture underneath them without an umbrella pole taking up space. These tools will be a worthwhile investment as you aim to transform your workspace.